Jennifer Kane painting My work and art career evolved over the course of the past 20 years by first exploring the medium and experimenting with different styles, while also studying the work of other artists.  This led to the development of my own style as a painter and designer, and eventually, to serving as an instructor.

Taking part in workshops by other painters gave me the opportunity to add important skills and perspectives toward the kind of teacher I wanted to become. Museum exhibitions and gallery visits in surrounding cities presented a wonderful opportunity to see first hand how paintings had been created by both current and past artists who were masters of their craft.

Gathering knowledge about what had already been done allowed me to develop a perspective and technique that were uniquely mine. With those assets in hand, my painting became a language that I could use to express thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Each of my paintings was approached and created in the spirit of writing a song, or a poem about the given subject of that piece.

Working with students, concurrent with making my own paintings has facilitated the ability to be objective about the quality and integrity of an image, as it relates to the intended content. Further, my concern for the stewardship and sustaining of the environment became an important source of purpose in the creation of my work. A lifelong interest in conservation, fostered during my upbringing, has become an authentic and central focus for my art work.

My current goals revolve around the enjoyment and appreciation of the beautiful outdoors, and sharing its current state of vitality. My work is intended to reach out to others and enhance their awareness and respect for our natural resources.

Jennifer Kane


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